The anthology of best work from the 2018 Ageless Authors Writing Contest has been delayed due to contractual problems with some winning stories.

The book was originally scheduled to be released in mid-February of this year, when Ageless Authors was informed about conflicts with other publications. “Our publishing doesn’t create conflicts because we only ask for one-time rights,” says Larry Upshaw, Executive Director of Ageless Authors. “But not all publishers work that way. Some require first-time rights, which means that we can’t publish before them or simultaneously. Now we could have gone ahead and published, but we don’t work that way.

“Our mission,” he explained, “is to encourage and promote the writing of senior writers. With a mission like that, we don’t want to impede the progress of a work, keeping it from being published in another venue. Because this problem involved more than one winning story, we agreed to delay publication until that first-time publishing was complete.”

Most of the book is now in layout and the release is scheduled for mid-summer. Check out the home page of in the coming weeks for information on how to pre-order your copies of this anthology.

VERY IMPORTANT —  Ageless Authors just completed our 2019 writing contest. The book to be released this summer DOES NOT include entries from this just-completed contest. The book for 2019 will be released at the end of this year.