Many entrants are confused about whether their work has been selected for publication. Check the lists below to see if you are represented.

“We wish we could publish all of the stories and poems we receive,” says Larry Upshaw, Executive Director of Ageless Authors, “but that’s not how this works. Our last writing contest resulted in more than 400 entries. That’s the good news. The bad news is, then we had to categorize, judge and report on more than 400 entries.”

Upshaw admits the reporting function suffered as the all-volunteer judging team worked feverishly to select the outstanding submissions, which we guarantee to review.

“We felt that judging in the contest was most important, and it was from the highest quality entries that we selected work for the anthology,” he said. “No one was guaranteed a place in the anthology without a very high score.” Ageless Authors is now working with Submittable to better automate the judging process and make sure all entrants are notified if a submission is accepted or declined in the contest.

“Every person who does work for Ageless Authors is a volunteer, giving their time to help grow our fledgling senior writing community,” says Upshaw. “I hope everyone understands that any money coming in through entry fees or book sales goes to administer and publicize the contests, publish and print anthologies and set up events. No one receives a salary.”

Ageless Authors Anthology Selections

The best entries by the following writers in the 2017 writing contest were published in Ageless Authors Anthology in 2018.

Anderegg, Margaret
Bernstock, Norma
Boone, Tom
Burd, Frank
Casey, Gloria
Cain, Del
Caldwell, Jolie
Chatelin, Raymond

Doering, Greg

Elsesser, Lee

Fackrell, Launa

Gardner, Valerie

Garzone, John

Johnson, Don

Kuczek, Carol

Lennox, Scott

Livingston, James

Mastracchio, Karen

McElfresh, Donald

McKinley, Phyllis

Melwani, Murli

Mills, Sherry

Mink-Fuller, Zandra

Mohr, Linda

Morawey, Michael

Owens, Michael

Porter, Stephen C.

Probst, John K.

Robeson, Robert

Rogers, Greg

Sampey, Derry

Sanders, Larry

Sandifer, Rebecca

Schmid, Joyce

Shaw III, Hyce

Shook, Don

Shridharani, Suresh

Smith, Gordon

Stewart, James

Vadalma, Joseph

Wright, Edward

Wright, Shirley

Yeager, Jean

DANG, I Wish I Hadn’t Done That

The best entries by the following writers in the 2018 writing contest were just published this month in the 2019 anthology, DANG, I Wish I Hadn’t Done That.

Beebe, Gered

Crawford, Joe

Elders, Terri

Gardner, Hugh

Graves, Geoffrey

Gunner, Tank

Guyton, Brenda

Herzog, Hedda

Hess, Marc

Hunter, John

Kellen-Taylor, Maureen

Lake, Rae

Light, Frank

Lindsley, Susan

McDole, Marguerite F.

Meyer, Nancy

Michalski, Penny

Mutchnick, Brenda

Neil, Evelyn

Nelis, Robert

Palmer, Lynda

Perreault, Richard

Sanders, Larry

Smith, Gordon

Smith, Scooter

Spence, James

Stewart, Kenneth

Swandby, Robert

Upshaw, Larry

Whitt, J. Allen

Yeager, Jean

From the 2019 Writing Contest, Possible 2020 Anthology Selections

The following writers won cash prizes, were named honorable mention or were recognized in the 2019 Ageless Authors Writing Contest. The 2020 anthology will include stories and poems from among the following next year, but not all will have work in the book.

Ade, William

Aubry, Ellen

Balter, Alan Dr.

Boling, Allen

Boroff, Linda

Borth, Julane

Brett, Belle

Bright, Rayna

Chumley, Dee Dee

Davidson, Tish

DiFranco, JoAnn

Eason, Donna

Etchison, Craig

Ferrer, Michelle

Fisher, Lisa Gray

French, William

Gigandet, Michael

Godat, Olivia

Gordon, Rosanne

Graves, Geoffrey

Greenfield, Dr. Irving

Gunner, Tank

Guyton, Brenda

Hart-Palumbo, Claire

Hurst, Ann

Irvine, Holli

Juster, Rita

Klinger, Gloria

Kozusko, Frank

Kramer, Michael

Lake, Rae

Lang, Allen

Lewenstein, Ida

Marazas, R.F.

Mathews, David

Maulsby, Dennis

Mayerfield, Regina

McCulloch, Pat

McIntyre, Jerilyn

McKinnon, Neil

Mink-Fuller, Zandra

Mota, Ruth

Neil, Evelyn

Nelis, Robert

Niles, Bo

Northwat, Debra

Palmer-Baker, Pattie

Palmer, Lynda

Phillips, Carolyn

Pisano, Vivian

Robertson, Chimp

Robinson, Judith

Ruff, Dianne

Seale, Molly

Sheehan, Tom

Smith, Scooter

Stampleman, Monique

Stone, Debra

Swandby, Robert

Sweet, Nick

Thaxton, Glenn

Thierry, James

Trubman, Lazar

Walton, Robert

Waters, Jeff

Whitt, Allen

York, Nadine