by Pattie Palmer-Baker

This poem tied for second prize in the Poetry category. The writer is the second annual winner of The Bivona Prize for the most outstanding overall effort in the 2019 Ageless Authors Writing Contest.

erratic oval
elongated bloated
pasted in see-through
not quite navy-blue air
eye-level moon
way too big
for the immature sky

not stark white this moon
no not smooth
moony holes patched
with ragged blotches

lunatic moon
slides over to the driver’s
right side
then to the left
then can’t be seen
soon coffee-cream
magnet moon adheres
to the windshield

man in the moon
laughs and laughs
offers me a drink
I sip the missing edge
both of us are sliding
off the sky I am drunk
my body shines moonbeams
that slither through the sky
and streak the asphalt

I swallow
the moon whole
my body stretches
and stretches until the skin
glides open
my heart floats out
a new Moon.