We can help you to writing success.

Let us help you from concept through promotion


Wplaceholder-imagee are ready with publishing options and solutions custom tailored to fit specific needs of a variety of authors and/or organizations. There are numerous self-publishing companies in existence; we differ from most of them in several significant ways. Our highly experienced and talented team will work with you, by phone and in person, to create a finished product that will make you proud.

We offer extraordinary design and production talent, and we give close personal attention to your project every step of the way. In addition, you own the copyright, which is not the case with many other self-publishers. Every book is a unique creation, with a specific purpose and market. Our goal is to create the best possible product to meet those needs. And we’ll meet your budget, with no surprises and no hidden last-minute costs. The fees we quote cover all costs exactly as shown in the final contract.

From concept to promotion, you will be informed and included in the process of creating your book. All you need to do is provide the manuscript as a printed copy and also on a flash drive. Photos can be scanned, or we’ll do that for you. You will approve each step of the process as it is completed. The end result? A professional publication that is as much your creation as it is ours.

You may not need all of our services, but here are the ones we offer:

Subject and title concept
Photo or illustration research
Government registry
Cover design
Page design and formatting
Promotional services

We are a small business; you can call or e-mail us and immediately get your questions answered. We really are there 24/7. Wait…make that 24/6. Sundays are for sitting outside on the deck, reading the paper and eating mini apple fritters.

The Team

Ginnie Siena Bivona will be your personal contact, assisting you every step of the way, from the first quote to delivery of the printed books. She has 30 years of experience in the publishing, print and graphics industries, both as a published author and as a publisher.

Her fields of expertise include advertising, marketing, printing, product and packaging design. In 2006 she went into business as Lone Star Productions. Prior to that, she owned a print shop, and wrote and published a 16-page newsletter called Dallas Cooks. In 2000, she went to work as Acquisitions Editor for Republic of Texas Press, a publisher of Texas books. During her tenure at ROTP, the company was designated the premier publisher of Texana by the Texas Library Association.

Ginnie is also a published author with numerous writing credits. Her novel Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party was adapted into a screenplay titled Bound by a Secret, starring Meredith Baxter, Leslie Ann Warren and Timothy Bottoms, and was released on Hallmark TV March 7, 2009. Since then, it has aired numerous times and has been seen by millions. The book is also available as an audio version. Other works include a humorous cookbook and a recently released collection of short stories titled The Secret Lives of Ordinary Women.


Larry Upshaw heads the business book section. He works with business professionals, top-level executives and educators to produce meaningful titles that will sum up and enhance the professional capabilities of his clients. He has ghostwritten 11 titles in law, medicine and business services. A long-time professional journalist, he can start from concept, work through research, writing and editing, to design, publishing and promotion.

As a PR and marketing executive, he can produce advertising, arrange media interviews and circulate information about your book through social media. He will help nurture the product through all the stages of book distribution and sales.

“If you are an expert in your field or just want to become better known in a certain business or professional context,” says Upshaw, “we can help you produce a book that enhances your reputation. Whenever we are dealing with media people, offering someone to comment on a subject, the first question they always ask is whether he or she has a book on the subject. Many won’t even consider you if you aren’t published in the particular area.”


Alan McCuller is an award-winning graphic designer who creates book interiors and covers that are artistically pleasing. He was Lead Designer at ROTP during it’s entire time in business. When the company was sold a major national publisher, he opened his own studio and has been operating successfully ever since.

We understand, and appreciate, how important your book is to you. We will take your vision and turn it into an exciting reality.

For more information, contact:

Larry Upshaw: 214 405-5093 or
Ginnie Bivona: 972-671-0002 or