The 2017 Ageless Authors Writing Contest is open to anyone 65 years old or older anywhere in the country. Here are instructions on submitting your work:

  1.  Click on
  2. Read that page from top to bottom as you scroll down. It will give you to all the information you need to create your submission and submit it.
  3. Decide which of our 3 categories to enter. Descriptions are under the boxes with blue type in the middle of the Contests page. They say Submit for #1, Submit for #2 and Submit for #3.
  4. When you have a poem, essay or short story ready for submission, click on the appropriate blue box.
  5. You will see a page with the category and a short version of the guidelines.
  6. Near the bottom of the page, begin to type in information beginning with the title of your story or poem. That title should be the same as the name on the electronic file.
  7. Complete your submission including payment for entering the contest. Make sure you give us a bio (cover letter) with your hometown and other interesting facts about you. If you are a prize winner or are selected to be published in our next anthology, we will need good information on you.
  8. Hit Submit.
  9. If you have any more questions, email us at