At 65 years of age, not many people are climbing mountains or fording rivers anymore. Still, all you need for writing or art is a brain and fingers. As long as you have the physical ability to sit and work, you can create and show your work through Ageless Authors. It’s about time the world knew about your talents.

Ageless Authors is an effort to show those talents, with contests of those who excel at writing short stories, essays and poetry and creating artwork. The only people eligible for these contests are age 65 and older. Our first contest this spring will call for your best work regardless of the subject matter. Later contests will break down into more specific topics, such as romance, military, accomplishments, mistakes made and Baby Boomers. Our deadline for the first contest will be June 15, 2016.

The best work from these contests will be published in our first Ageless Authors Anthology, which will be available in print or e-book on this website. This is a new and exciting way to celebrate your senior status. Show those youngsters out there how to have fun and accomplish something. Look around the website. If you have questions, contact us at 972 671-2000 or