2016 Ageless Authors Writing Contest Winners

These extraordinary entries come from a large and diverse group of senior writers from all across the country. We were so pleased with the quality and quantity of submissions, and the winners are named below:


First Prize –“Kite Justice,” Jean Yeager, Rutland, Vt.

Second Prize — “Weathering,” Karen Mastracchio,  Spring, Tx.

Third Prize — “My Puppy,” Larry Sanders, Dallas, Tx.

Honorable Mention — “Changes,” Tom Boone, Dallas, Tx; “Chiseled in Memory,” Murli Melwani, Plano, Tx.

Previous first prize winner was withdrawn by the writer and the category was judged again.

Short Stories

First Prize — “Smooth Sheila,” John Garzone, Lenox, Ma.

Second Prize — “Rice Paddy,” Stephan Porter, Allen, Tx.

Third Prize — “Chupunza,” Valerie Gardner, Cornville, Az.

Honorable Mention — “Zugzwang,” Don Shook, Fort Worth, Tx; “Just a Petty Thief,” Donald McElfresh, Dallas, Tx; “The Kid Show,” Hyce Shaw, Dallas, Tx.


First Prize — “Come Here,” Sherry Mills, Dallas, Tx.

Second Prize — “Procrastination,” Greg Rogers, Farmers Branch, Tx.

Third Prize — “Long Term Care,” Norma Bernstock, Milford, PA.

Honorable Mention — “A Winter Trek Along East Brush Creek,” Robert Robeson, Lincoln, Nebraska; “Box Purse,” Michael Owens, Cypress, Tx; “Morning Visitor,” Linda Mohr, N. Palm Beach, Florida. (More to come)

Now all of the winners plus many others will be selected for the first Ageless Authors Anthology scheduled for publication in the Fall, 2017. In addition, we will soon announce the next Ageless Authors Writing Contest. Watch this space to participate.