The first Ageless Authors Anthology, which retails at $18.95 per copy, is now on sale for $12.00, plus shipping and handling, when purchased on the home page of

The book includes 52 works by winners of the 2017 Ageless Authors Writing Contest, which was open to senior writers age 65 and older. Contributions to the book come from all across the country, Canada, Western Europe and the Caribbean.

Ageless Authors Anthology is the only book of its kind because the organization is the only worldwide group exclusively for senior writers.

The book was curated by Larry Upshaw, 71, a Dallas-based writer who has published a dozen books in law, medicine and business. He has also written for many national and regional publications.

“Many of the people I grew up with wanted to become musicians, writers and artists, but their parents insisted they get a job and make a living,” Upshaw says. “Now at retirement they are returning to what gave them pleasure. There is a lot of talent out there among the Baby Boomers and The Greatest Generation.”

Reviews of the book have been outstanding. Kirkus Reviews Magazine featured their review of Ageless Authors Anthology among their best-reviewed books of 2018, saying “One of the goals of the competition was to shatter the stereotype that elderly people are ‘physically and mentally broken, unable to think straight or keep up with the youth culture,’ and this anthology overwhelmingly accomplishes that.”

Essayist and prize winner Jean Yeager of Rutland, Vermont was quoted in the book jacket as follows: “Ageless Authors captures the best offered by seasoned writers—and no other contest does that! I’m grateful to be judged against my peers. We may be the fine aged wines of the writing world!”