Ageless Authors is calling upon our ever-expanding senior writers community to help sustain the activities of the largest international elder writers group. We need donations of money or time…but mostly money.

More than 1,500 senior writers have submitted essays, short stories, and poems and been reviewed by more than 100 judges from around the world.  For four years, all of this has been made possible by contest entry fees, purchase of books, and on-going cash infusions from Larry Upshaw, co-founder and Executive Director of Ageless Authors. But now that he has joined the ranks of the retired, he needs help sustaining this unique writers’ group.

This group’s mission is to honor the work of senior writers and poets, keeping those creative people at work producing literature as long as possible. Upshaw and poet/novelist Ginnie Bivona pledged to grow Ageless Authors into a worldwide seniors writing community. No other group offers the same suite of services to people of an older age.

Unfortunately, Ginnie got cancer a few months after founding the group and died last year. “Ageless Authors is a labor of love that I vowed to continue,” says Upshaw. “I think the best we could ever do financially is break even. I would love to have someone join me in this, but that fact reduces the pool of people who will devote the time to it. I’ve spoken to several others who started groups like this but could not sustain them over time.”


In order to keep entry fees low, Ageless Authors depends upon the selling of books to operate.  Although more than 1,500 people have entered our contests, very few books have been purchased by those entrants.

“Writers seem to be proud that their work is being published in our books,” says Upshaw. “You would think they would buy a book or books for themselves or their friends and family, but they don’t.”

If Ageless Authors is to continue to be a vital resource in the senior community, we need your help!  Our goal is to keep growing the group, and that will require approximately an additional  $20,000 annually. With donations from the many people we reach as well as others who want to support this effort for seniors, that goal is attainable.

Give Gifts

Ageless Authors is asking for donations in any amount a person can afford. Donations to Ageless Authors are not tax deductible. As a special thank you, we’ve included the following premiums:

Giving level Thank you premiums
$50 1 entry fee in a writing contest
$100 1 entry fee and one anthology
$250 1 entry fee, both anthologies + 1 Ageless Authors coffee mug
$500 All the above + sponsor logo on website
$1000 All the above + 1 page acknowledgement in printed anthology


Buy Books!

Both of our anthologies are for sale at a 40% discount from retail.  You can purchase the two books for about $20 plus tax and shipping from the website home page. From our bookstore, you can get similar discounts on half cartons and full carton of books. The few people who have purchased cartons of books have told us what great gifts they made.


No one receives a salary from Ageless Authors. Our expenses include the following:

  • Promotion of Ageless Authors and publicizing contests and the sale of books through press releases transmitted throughout the United States and Canada. Without a concentrated publicity campaign, few people would know about the group or its activities.
  • Creation of a custom process for accepting, reviewing, and handling submissions using, a submission management site. Maintaining a custom process is relatively expensive but the only way to organize the contests and report results on time.
  • Cash prizes for contest winners. The larger the prizes, the more submissions we receive.
  • Printing a short run of books for review and sale specifically to contest entrants and their families. An initial print run locally is needed to jump start the launch of an anthology and to have the books accepted for events at bookstores.
  • Creation and transmission of branded emails and the purchase of email lists of publications and retirement communities. This way we can inexpensively inform past contest entrants, retirement community residents and seniors publication editors of Ageless Authors activities.
  • Travel expenses to book reading and signing events for each anthology published.
  • Creation and distribution of certificates of achievement and special thank you items for judges and other volunteers.
  • Web development and posting of content to and the hosting of the site.
  • Normal expenses of office supplies and equipment.

In addition, we would like to have money for new initiatives such as offering writing courses or establishing online publications to better display the work of Ageless Authors participants. We value our relationship with the senior writing community and hope it can continue and even grow. Here is hoping that with your help, we can continue to encourage and promote the ability of creative oldsters.

To make a donation, send a check payable to

Ageless Authors
10844 Meadowcliff Lane
Dallas, Texas 75238.

If you want to charge your donation to a credit card, call Larry Upshaw at 214 405-5093 or email and we will call you back.