Once again, Ageless Authors will be selling our new book and writing contest at the prestigious Texas Book Festival, Sunday, October 27 in Austin, Texas.

AA Executive Director Larry Upshaw will sell copies of DANG, I WISH I HADN’T DONE THAT and other senior moments from the 2018 Ageless Authors Writing Contest in the Writers League of Texas space (Booth 313-314) in Exhibitor Tent 3 at noon Sunday. In addition, he will answer questions about the new writing contest beginning in November.

Upshaw will offer the same 2 for 1 book special to festival participants that he has offered to those who have entered previous contests. Those who purchase DANG at the retail price of $15.95 will receive a copy of the group’s previous collection, Ageless Authors Anthology, free of charge.

The Texas Book Festival, which takes place in and around the Texas Capitol Building and down Congress Avenue, is one of the country’s premier book festivals, featuring some of the top authors of both fiction and nonfiction.

Ageless Authors exhibited at the Texas festival last year, as shown in the photo above.