2019 Writing Contest Winners — Adventure

2019 Ageless Authors Writing Contest

Adventure Category

May 2019


First Prize

Mountain Rules 

Robert Walton; King City CA


Second Prize 

Tricky Kenya 

Holli Irvine; Toronto ON Canada


Third Prize 

Joe’s Big Adventure 

William French; Mentor OH


Honorable Mention 

The Youngest Daredevil 

Geoffrey Graves; Laguna Beach CA


The Eerie Apple Tree

Debra Northwat; Worcester MA


Kick the Clouds

Rita Juster; New York NY



Evelyn Neil; Albuquerque, NM


A Story Found From Yore 

Tom Sheehan; Saugus MA



Rayna Bright; Woolgoolga, NSW Australia



Swimming With Sharks 

Nadine York; Boise ID


The White Seagull

Olivia Godat; Olympia WA


Monkey See Monkey Go 

Dennis Maulsby; Ames IA