2019 Writing Contest Results — Humor

First Prize

Nic Knuckles, Hard Luck Private Eye 

William Ade; Burke, VA


Second Prize

He Called it a What?

Geoffrey Graves; Laguna Beach, CA


Third Prize

Estate Sale

Rosanne Gordon; Dallas, Texas


Honorable Mention

On Turning Eighty — Dr. Alan Balter; Northbrook, IL

Intenda Juice — Lisa Gray Fisher; Santa Fe, NM

The Fable of the Lovely Girl Who Made A Salad — Neil McKinnon; Burnaby BC, Canada

The White Blouse — Brenda Guyton; Dallas, TX

How I Fell For John Paul Jones — Margaret Liebchen; Altavista, VA

Noms de Guerre — Scooter Smith; Dallas, TX

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew — James Thierry; Middleboro, MA

Just Say No to Crossword Puzzles — Dee Dee Chumley; Edmond, OK



On the Ground Campaigning — Robert Nelis, Chicago, IL

Mildred and the Bird — Regina Mayerfield, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

How I Got Thrown Out of Aerobics Class — Michael Gigandet, Clarksville, TN

Milkman and His Horse — Frank Kozusko, Highlands, NJ

My Incredible Life — Neil McKinnon, Burnaby BC, Canada 

Dryer Balls and the Beyond — Glenn Thaxton, Dallas, TX.

Again — Dianne Ruff, Aurora, OR

Be Here Now, Revised — Monique Stampleman, Milford, CT