2017-2019 Writing Contest Winners

Memoir Category

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First Prize 

What’s So Funny? A Love Story — Linda Boroff; Menlo Park CA

Second Prize

Visiting the Bone Man — Tish Davidson; Fremont CA

Third Prize

Bubble Gum — Evelyn Neil; Albuquerque, NM

Honorable Mention

Moving On — Ellen Aubry; Pleasant Hill CA

One Last Laugh — Geoffrey Graves; Laguna Beach CA

The Cutest Boy — Ann Hurst; Evansville IN

The Platter — Molly Seale; Mandanko IL

Epiphany — Jerilyn McIntyre; Salt Lake City UT

Solemn Mysteries — Scooter Smith; Dallas TX

Beasts Outside the Window — Allen Whitt; Albuquerque, NM

A Midday Chat About Nothing — Lazar Trubman; Garner NC


Guns — Jeff Waters; Santa Fe NM

Autumn — JoAnn DiFranco; Oyster Bay NY

Castle Peak — Allen Boling; Grand Junction CO

Thank You For Your Service — Craig Etchison; Fort Ashby WV

Helen Unhinged — David Mathews; River Hills WI

Anticipation — Vivian Pisano; Berkeley CA

Glory Days — Dianne Ruff; Aurora OR


Humor Category

First Prize

Nic Knuckles, Hard Luck Private Eye — William Ade; Burke, VA

Second Prize

He Called it a What? — Geoffrey Graves; Laguna Beach, CA

Third Prize

Estate Sale — Rosanne Gordon; Dallas, Texas

Honorable Mention

On Turning Eighty — Dr. Alan Balter; Northbrook, IL

Intenda Juice — Lisa Gray Fisher; Santa Fe, NM

The Fable of the Lovely Girl Who Made A Salad — Neil McKinnon; Burnaby BC, Canada

The White Blouse — Brenda Guyton; Dallas, TX

How I Fell For John Paul Jones — Margaret Liebchen; Altavista, VA

Noms de Guerre — Scooter Smith; Dallas, TX

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew — James Thierry; Middleboro, MA

Just Say No to Crossword Puzzles — Dee Dee Chumley; Edmond, OK 


On the Ground Campaigning — Robert Nelis, Chicago, IL

Mildred and the Bird — Regina Mayerfield, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

How I Got Thrown Out of Aerobics Class — Michael Gigandet, Clarksville, TN

Milkman and His Horse — Frank Kozusko, Highlands, NJ

My Incredible Life — Neil McKinnon, Burnaby BC, Canada

Dryer Balls and the Beyond — Glenn Thaxton, Dallas, TX.

Again — Dianne Ruff, Aurora, OR

Be Here Now, Revised — Monique Stampleman, Milford, CT


Adventure Category

First Prize

Mountain Rules — Robert Walton; King City CA

Second Prize

Tricky Kenya — Holli Irvine; Toronto ON Canada

Third Prize 

Joe’s Big Adventure — William French; Mentor OH

Honorable Mention

The Youngest Daredevil — Geoffrey Graves; Laguna Beach CA

The Eerie Apple Tree — Debra Northwat; Worcester MA

Kick the Clouds — Rita Juster; New York NY

Flying — Evelyn Neil; Albuquerque, NM

A Story Found From Yore — Tom Sheehan; Saugus MA

Bakatore — Rayna Bright; Woolgoolga, NSW Australia


Swimming With Sharks — Nadine York; Boise ID

The White Seagull — Olivia Godat; Olympia WA

Monkey See Monkey Go — Dennis Maulsby; Ames IA


Romance category

First Prize

Remembering Teresa — R.F. Marazas; Belvidere, NJ

Second Prize

Meatloaf Madness — Belle Brett; Somerville, MA

Third Prize

The Last Norwegians on Russell Avenue — Debra J. Stone; Robbinsdale, MN

Honorable Mention

A Door That Opens Into A Courtyard — Michael Kramer; Lacey, WA

Fan Fan Foo — Tank Gunner, Duncanville, Texas

Just A Friend of the Family — Geoffrey Graves, Laguna Beach, CA

Lemon Tree — Claire Hart-Palumbo; Houston, Texas


A Travel Story from the Word Go — Tom Sheehan; Saugus, MA

Cell Mates — Allen Lang; Chicago, IL

Crying — Judith R. Robinson; Pittsburgh, PA

Maybe It Was Love — Dr. Irving Greenfield; Staten Island, NY

Next — Lynda Palmer; Cedar Rapids, IA

Shadow Dancers — Michelle Ferrer; Plano, Texas

So Long, Soldier Boy — Chimp Robertson; Hooker, OK

The Thaw — Leah Lake; Austin, Texas

The Visitors — Tank Gunner; Duncanville, Texas


Poetry Category

First Prize

Gangsters of the Portland Sky — Pattie Palmer-Baker; Portland OR

Second Prize (tie)

Cosmic Confusion — Bo Niles; New York NY

The Moon and I Are Drunk — Pattie Palmer-Baker; Portland OR

Third Prize

I Find It Odd — Gloria Klinger; Grand Haven MI

Honorable Mention

Those More Innocent Days — Ida Lowenstein; San Mateo CA

River — Robert Swandby; Boise ID

Kiss For Judas — Donna Eason; Glen Burnie MD

Agelessly Aging — Stephen Dunn; Dallas TX

Kalinda and the Killing Fields — Ruth Mota; Watsonville CA

Spitting Out the Bones — Pat McCulloch; San Francisco CA 


Love Me Wrinkled — Zandra Mink-Fuller; Burleson TX

The Paper Clip — Julane Borth; Oklahoma City OK

Dreams in Retirement — Carolyn Phillips; Princeton NJ

Victory Dance, 1945 — Nick Sweet; Shepherd TX