The dozen or so mistakes made in the process of creating this blog post and installing it on the website illustrates the point that throughout life, we miscalculate so often that in the end, it’s hard to keep track of the oops moments we experience.

“Dang, Wish I Hadn’t Done That” is the recognition of that regret. It is also the second category in the 2017 Ageless Authors Writing Contest. Entrants are asked to pen a short story, essay or poem that relates a rich tale of the of a foulup we made that had a profound effect on our life. We want stories that encompass the full breadth of emotion and humanity surrounding a particular mess-up, with emphasis on humor, compassion and emotion. For more information and to submit entries, click here.

“Dang” is probably the most fun of three topics or prompts to write about in this year’s edition of the nationwide writing contest for people age 65 and older. Each submission will be acknowledged. Winners in each category will be awarded a certificate and a cash prize — $50 for third prize, $75 for second and $100 for first. A total of nine cash prizes will be awarded.

“This year, I expect some hilarious stories with self-deprecating humor,” says Larry Upshaw, Editorial Director of Ageless Authors. “Last year we requested the best short story, essay and poem regardless of topic. This year, the story is the thing. Prizes will be awarded for the best storytelling, and fiction, nonfiction and poetry will compete against each other to determine the best telling. The most creative people can have plenty of fun with that.”

Deadline for entries is December 15. Each submission requires a $20 fee. This contest is a service of Ageless Authors, an organization devoted to encouraging creative seniors to live life to the fullest.