Ageless Authors supports senior writers through contests, anthologies and publishing

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Ageless Authors supports senior writers through contests, anthologies and publishing.

Results of our latest writing contest in the News/Blog below.

Order a copy of DANG, I Wish I Hadn’t Done That for casual reading at 40% off below.

Enter our timely new contest, COPING WITH CRISIS.

Senior writing contests, anthologies and publishing.

Enter our timely new contest, COPING WITH CRISIS.



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DANG, I Wish I Hadn't Done That and other senior moments from the Ageless Authors Writing Contest contains 34 short stories, essays and poetry from senior writers age 65 and older . Read the powerful coming-of-age tale Moon of the Popping Trees by Bivona Prize winner Hugh Gardner; Geoffrey Graves' ode to family quirkiness, The Klutzwit Gene; and Rae Lake's stunning portrait of a woman on the run, Refugee, among many others.

$9.57 plus tax and shipping

(Original price $15.95)


Volunteers Needed for Specific Ageless Authors Tasks

Volunteers Needed for Specific Ageless Authors Tasks

Like to contribute to the group but don’t have money to donate? If you have one of the following skills, your help would be greatly appreciated. Web development or the web savvy to post on a Wordpress website. Experience at manipulating the Ageless Authors section of...

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Seniors Given Freedom to Tell Us About Coping With Crisis

Seniors Given Freedom to Tell Us About Coping With Crisis

Seniors are being urged to use their stay-at-home time to write about their experiences with the pandemic by the world’s largest writers’ group dedicated solely to creative oldsters. “Coping With Crisis” is the theme of the current Ageless Authors Writing Contest...

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Travel the Rhine By River Cruiser

Travel the Rhine By River Cruiser

As my wife and I rushed through Heathrow Airport in London, we were gripped with the panic that accompanies those who are certain they will not make their connecting flight.

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We Offer These Services to People age 65 and Older...


Enter your best short stories, essays, poetry and artwork, win cash prizes. Feel the pride of authorship, impress your family and friends.


Your best entries appear in our anthologies, available for purchase. These books are proof that the creativity keeps flowing with age.


Want to publish a book but don't know where to start? Now you can have editing, production, and promotional help from top professionals in the publishing business with a specialty serving senior writers.


“Recently I took a few writing classes at the local community college and started putting down stories about my past. With great trepidation, I submitted one to the Ageless Authors Contest as a sense of relief and pride came over me. I had actually created something that I felt worthy of an audience. The result of the contest almost didn’t matter. Of course, I received an additional and exciting benefit when the piece I submitted was recognized for quality.”

Hedda Herzog
Berkeley, CA short story writer

I was given “DANG, I wish I hadn’t done that” from my neighbor and I thought it was an interesting variety of stories that kept this book a “good read” from beginning to end.

Dorothy Parker
Albuquerque, NM

“Ageless Authors captures the best offered by seasoned writers – and no other contest does that! I’m grateful to be judged against my peers. We may be the fine aged wines of the writing world!”

Jean Yeager
Rutland, VT author, essayist, playwright

“My interest in writing began a few years ago before my grandmother died at 96 years of age. She had saved all the letters I had sent her from Vietnam. My memories of actual events and the interesting people from my early life…are stories that I had never been able to tell until now.”

Larry Sanders
Dallas, TX author

“At age 70, my biggest fear is that I’ll run out of time before I’ve written all the poems from the ideas scribbled on the paper scraps that cover my desk.”

Norma Bernstock
Milford, PA poet

I’m glad I found out about this site and that it has writing contests specifically for us older folks!

Ann Theresa McKerrow
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

“I appreciate you and your judges taking on the monumental task of running the Ageless Authors contest. You have a great program for senior writers. If there is one single thing that makes your contests great, I think, it is trust.”

Tank Gunner
Duncanville, Texas Author

“To the anthology judges’ credit, they favor writers who treat familiar topics with unpredictable style, sliding toward sly and pleasing and possessing twists in the tale. Diverse talent graces these pages, and while you might spot an overdone sentiment, you will always experience an exceptional storyteller. And it matters not one whit if she found her stride after she quit dancing to others’ tunes.”

Bill Sanderson
Dallas, TX author


Some of the best literature is written by and for senior readers and writers. We are collecting the finest books available for our bookstore, BOOKS FOR GROWNUPS. Each week, the number and quality grow under the expansive banner of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Click on the genre you prefer and see what we are offering now. Come back next week and the bookshelf will have more content. All books are available on Amazon.

We recommend the books whose covers are featured below. These volumes are from authors associated with Ageless Authors. Those offerings will change regularly.

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