Win prizes, earn plaudits.

Now it’s your time to shine as a writer.
Enter our first writing contest.


Whether you are a professional writer or just write for fun, you are invited to submit your short stories, essays and poetry for this exciting new opportunity to be creative at your age. The only requirement is, you have to be 65 or older to qualify. Same for those of you who want to compete for prizes with original artwork.

The judges for these contests will be all ages. We want younger authors to understand what the future holds for them…not old age and disappearance…instead, they’ll begin to see the freedom and creativity that comes with getting older.

Join in the fun!

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each of four categories — short stories, essays, poetry and artwork.

1st place wins $100, a certificate and five copies of the anthology of the best work, including yours.

2nd place wins $75, a certificate and five free copies.

3rd place wins $50 and yes, a certificate and five free copies!

All other winning entries receive one free copy of the book, and authors can order additional copies.

Winners who have other books in print or e-books will have their books available through the Ageless Authors Bookstore.

Entries can be sent by one of two methods as follows:

  1. Click here to submit your entry through Submittable.  (preferred)
  2. If that just doesn’t work for you, submissions may be mailed to Ageless Authors, 13820 Methuen Green, Dallas, Texas 75240. Be sure to include a check payable to Ageless Authors for the $15 entry fee per submission.

All submissions become the property of Ageless Authors and can be reprinted, published and used in any other way to promote the author and/or the work of Ageless Authors. All contact information supplied with submissions is considered opt-in for the purpose of informing entrants about future contests, anthologies or any other activity of Ageless Authors.

Click on Submit for entry details.

Submissions are open now … Deadline August 31, 2016

Winners will be announced by the end of September.

Entry fee $15 per submission. A submission is one piece of work. If you have a short story and an essay, that is two entries. If you have three poems, that is three entries.

To submit:

Short Stories and Essays must be in Microsoft Word, 12 Pt. Times New Roman, double spaced. Word count no more that 5,000 words, not including headers.

Poetry submissions also in 12 Pt. Times New Roman and no more than 50 lines single spaced, line breaks between stanzas included.

Artwork is either pen or pencil on an 8 1/2″ by 11″ sheet. It must reproduce single color. All artwork must be submitted through Submittable or packaged and sent to Ageless Authors, 13820 Methuen Green, Dallas, Texas 75240.

Do not put your name on manuscript pages, but title and page number must appear of each page. Author’s name will appear on the submission cover page.

 $15 entry fee for each submission. One entry fee per submission. If you submit through Submittable, you can pay your entry fee by credit card.

If you send your entry by regular mail, you may pay by check. Do not mail cash.

If you have difficulty sending to us, get your kids or grandkids to help. After all, you taught them to use a spoon.

You can also contact Ginnie Bivona at 972 671-0002 or Larry Upshaw at 214 405-5093. If we are not available, make your submissions and include any questions on the cover page.