Volunteer judges are needed for our next contest. Must have the following prerequisites:

  • Some experience judging, editing or grading others’ writing.
  • Basic computer skills. All judging will be done on Submittable.
  • The time to judge and critique the work of our submitters.

Please email Larry Upshaw at larry@agelessauthors.com with your contact information and a short bio.

Click here to view the winners of our 2016 contest.

The winners plus other quality writing have been selected for publishing this Fall in the first Ageless Authors Anthology. Soon we will announce our next Ageless Authors Writing Contest. We anticipate lots of entries. We will need more judges and other volunteers. Watch this space for details.

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We Offer These Services to People age 65 and Older…


Enter your best short stories, essays, poetry and artwork, win cash prizes. Feel the pride of authorship, impress your family and friends.


Your best entries appear in our anthologies, available for purchase. These books are proof that the creativity keeps flowing with age.


Want to publish a book but don’t know where to start? Now you can have editing, production, and promotional help from top professionals.

First Ageless Authors Writing and Art Contest


Welcome! Published and not-yet published writers alike are invited to submit short stories, essays, poetry, cartoons and other line art for this exciting new opportunity to shine in your creative life. There is only one qualification … you have to be age 65 or over to participate. We won’t card you. It’s on the honor system. Show younger authors and artists what the future holds for them…not old age and disappearance… Instead, they’ll begin to see the freedom and creativity that comes with age. Select from your best work and click below to learn how to submit to our contest. It doesn’t cost very much and the benefits can be tremendous. For more information, email us from here or call 972 671-0002.


Our online bookstore is a work in progress. Very soon, it will sell titles that interest senior readers, most of them written by older writers. But this is the portion of our website that will take some time to set up. If you are 65 or older and have a book to sell, send us information on it. In the meantime, we want to tell you about the other benefits of Ageless Authors. Let’s just say the Ageless Authors Bookstore is coming soon.


At 65 years of age, some people are still climbing mountains or fording rivers. But you don’t need physical feats to express yourself. All you need for writing or art is a brain and fingers. As long as you have the physical ability to sit and work, you can create. And now you can show your work through Ageless Authors. It’s about time the world discovered your talents.

Time’s a Wastin’ Writers, and You’re Not!

Funny thing happens each time I mention that I’ve written a dozen books in my life. That’s funny odd or funny curious, not funny haha. Without exception, people say, “Man, I wish I could write a book.” Of course, each of you can write a book,... read more


Th3 Simple Questions: Slice Open Everyday Life
By Jean W. Yeager


MARK KRAUSMAN  / GoodReads Review –   5Stars – http://ow.ly/Xrp0G

“Honestly I have been in a slump for awhile when it comes to reading books until I got my hands on this one… let’s just say this amazing book found me and I am ecstatic that it did. The style of short essays or “slices” each with the “Who am I”, “Why am I here”, and “What do I want”, format took me by surprise as it was an energizing way to read and process thought provoking concepts with each “slice” only being a few pages long and the analogies were artfully presented as real life experiences to which anyone can relate.”


JACK MAGNUS / Readers Favorite Review:  http://ow.ly/Xrogz

When I finished the last response to the three simple questions, I realized that I had gotten to know a kindred spirit, someone whose blog seems well worth getting to know a lot better. Th3 Simple Questions: Slice Open Everyday Life is highly recommended.”  5-Stars


6×9 Perfect Bound Softcover @ $11.95 – ISBN: 978-1-4908-7124-0

6×9 Dust Jacket Hardcover @ $28.95 – ISBN: 978-1-4908-7125-7

E-Book @ $3.99 – ISBN: 978-1-4908-7123-3



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Have questions? Contact us so we can answer any questions you may have. We consider Ageless Authors a coordinated effort between us and all of the 65+ talents out there.